The Ripple Therapeutics' Epidel technology is founded on a discovery that drugs can be engineered into controlled release Pharmaceuticals without the use of polymers or excipients.

Our Science

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We collaborate with Pharma Partners interested in evaluating our prodrug technology with their unique APIs and Medical Device Partners interested in coating our prodrug technology on their devices to improve functionality and/or longevity.


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Our Science

The Ripple Therapeutics’ Epidel® technology is founded on a discovery that drugs can be engineered into controlled release materials without the use of polymers or excipients. The proprietary prodrugs are new chemical entities (NCEs) that have unique properties that allow them to be processed into standalone drug delivery implants (e.g. intravitreal implants, micro/nanoparticles, etc.) or as coatings on medical devices. Ripple Therapeutics’ implants and coatings are made up entirely from the prodrug without a polymeric carrier to control the implant or drug release properties. The implants and coatings undergo surface erosion to give zero order drug release profiles and are highly engineerable (e.g. different forms, shapes, and sizes) to tailor drug dose and duration for the specific indication of interest. The flexibility in molecular design results in drug doses that are within the therapeutic window, delivering the right amount of drug for the right amount of time. This has the potential to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Precision Engineered Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery System Degradation

degradation infographic

degradation infographic

Ripple Therapeutics is developing a library of proprietary prodrugs with unique polymer-like properties from different active pharmaceutical ingredients and local, sustained drug delivery products from these. Ripple Therapeutics is developing products on their own and in combination with strategic partners.

Technological Advantages

  • Sustained zero-order release kinetics
  • Drug release controlled via surface erosion
  • Drug release is concurrent with erosion of the implant
  • No polymer matrix = High drug ratio = Smaller implant design
  • Polymer-like properties provide flexibility for product design
  • Prodrugs synthesized with simple and scalable API reactions and purification methods
  • Drug delivery implants and coatings manufactured with standard polymer processing techniques, etc.

Polymer-Free Technology

IBE-814 Dexamethasone-Releasing Intravitreal Implant (IBE 814-IVT)

IBE-81 IVT is aimed at being best-in-class therapy for the treatment of posterior inflammatory eye diseases, including diabetic macular edema (DME), retinal vein occlusion (RVO) and non-infectious uveitis (NIU). The IBE-814 IVT implant is minimally invasive, delivered through a 30-gauge needle (vs. currently marketed intravitreal sustained-release steroid therapies which range from 22-25 gauge needle delivery). IBE-814 is designed to deliver a low, consistent, efficacious dose for approximately six to nine months. Our goal is to extend clinical benefit while decreasing common steroid-induced adverse events.


Ripple Therapeutics (formerly Interface Biologics) has received Ethics and Regulatory approval to begin enrolling patients in RIPPLE-1, a Phase II Trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of patients with DME and RVO. Patient recruitment is set to begin in early November 2020. See Clinical Trials site




About Us

Ripple Therapeutics is the therapeutics/drug delivery spin out of Interface Biologics, Inc. (IBI) after the sale of its surface modification business to Evonik (ETR:EFK) was completed.

Our lead product (IBE-814 IVT) is a fully degradable intravitreal dexamethasone prodrug implant targeting DME, RVO and NIU indications. Our target product profile is zero-order drug release for 6-9 months with a 30G needle and 1/10th the loading of the leading commercial IVT product which suggests a potential to reduce steroid related cataract and IOP AEs. We have a strong preclinical data set and the FDA has confirmed an abbreviated regulatory path via 505(b)(2). We are currently planning a 50 patient, two dose Phase II clinical trial which will be initiated in Australia in Q3 2020

We have recently signed a Terms Sheet for a $15-22M Series A Financing.  The first $15M tranche will close Nov 30th, 2020 and we are looking to raise an additional $7M by the end of Feb 2021.

Our Team

Our team is made up of Chemists, Engineers and Material Scientists. Our leaders are experienced in managing industries through various stages of growth.

Thomas P. Reeves
Thomas P. Reeves
Wendy Naimark, Ph.D
Wendy Naimark, Ph.D
Frank Shannon
Frank Shannon
Defne Garner, CA
paul santerre
Paul Santerre, Ph.D
Julie Fotheringham, MA, ACC
Julie Fotheringham, MA, ACC


Integrity first. Data driven. Patient focused. We persevere to find innovative solutions to complex problems. We care. We collaborate. We have fun.

Our company environment is fast-paced, our culture is entrepreneurial, and our people are dedicated to the achievement of excellent scientific and commercial results.

We post all open positions on this website, and regularly review applications for employment from experienced individuals interested in working on challenging projects. We thank all who express an interest in joining the company. Due to the volume of applications, only those individuals chosen for an initial interview will be contacted.

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